Item Milega Kya?

Yesterday, we got a call from so-called prospect who at the moment we picked up the phone asked “Item Milega Kya?”

Of course, the person who picked up the phone was frustrated and infuriated after hearing that and the call attendant also knew that the so-called prospect couldn’t afford our services and even if he could, he very likely wouldn’t behave very will with the lady, yet, we provided them with all the information regarding prices and all.

After hearing everything, without any interest he replied “Photo Whatsapp Karo”. We told him that you can check the pictures on our website’s gallery and after hearing this, he abruptly kept the phone down.

This is the problem with most of the fake New Delhi prospects. They keep asking for the picture through Whatsapp even though we have a long list of pretty Indian and Foreign escorts on Cover Girls Delhi’s official website. But there is one good thing about this bad habit of the fake prospects and that is it helps us distinguish between the fake and real ones. Real prospects never ask for the pictures through Whatsapp and that’s a fact.

I think that during the beginning of the phone call, he should have asked “Photo Milega Kya” instead of “Item Milega Kya” to save our time.

Anyway, I created this post to tell you my tale of fucking one of the hottest skinny Russian Escort in Delhi, who is known for never giving blowjobs to her clients but is still always overbooked. She once worked with Cover Girls Delhi and that was the time when she used to charge INR 35, 000 per fuck. She had the most beautiful and the most sensitive hole you ever saw on an escort. She was wet all the time but had an impeccable self control, like you would be all inside her, she would be all wet, screaming and moaning and there you utter one dirty word which she doesn’t like and she would close her legs forever for you. That’s the kind of girl she was.

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