Petite Blonde Pussies Smell As Good As Fresh Som Tam – Dario Machado

Morning woods are generally caused by 3 things:-

  1. Excess Energy (Too much energy but subconscious mind not occupied with enough things to do)
  2. Oversleeping
  3. Too much blood flow to the penis due to regular sexual arousal of different sorts including masturbation/sex. When you are indulging in sexual activities, the nerve pathways to your sexual organs are always overactive and hence blood flow to the genitals all the time.

When you are on NoFap, the third reason for getting a morning wood gets eliminated, another thing that happens is that you get to have a lot of REM sleep. Non-Sexual REM Sleep and Morning Woods generally don’t go together. Also, during a flatline, you won’t experience morning woods generally. Even if they happen, you can’t generally feel those, as your dick stays numb most of the time (no sensitivity).

Dario Machado

Dario Machado from Wishek, North Dakota, is a Sex Blogger and an Aspiring Politician, who writes three things cannot be long hidden: large breasts, big ass and a beautiful puffy cameltoe. And all three are a frequent sight in Teen Porn Videos.
Dario believes vaginal gas is one of the most misunderstood subjects.

Dario believes there will never be another Traci Lords, Christy Canyon or Kay Parker in the porn industry.

Dario claims to have had sex with over 100 different Indian women, both in India and the USA. He also claims to have sniffed the pussy of each of those. He writes on his blog that it is a myth that Indian pussies smell like curry, they smell as good as a White, Hispanic, Thai or an Arab pussy.

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