Can you imagine a happy nation where there is not much sexual activity going on all the time?

One of the dudes that I hated back in the school but he is a good friend of mine now, started a battery wholesale business which is mainly dependent upon eBay and Amazon for most of the sales. This friend of mine tells me that the previous business which he was involved in involved a lot of dealings with the beautiful sexy webcam video women personally but generated very little profits. He says that he really misses meeting women like he did before and that’s the reason why his usage of XXX Video and Escorts has been on a rise ever since. He also got divorced last year. You would be surprised to know that I met him about 8 months ago at a Bangkok massage parlor which was a total co-incidence. I didn’t see him for over a decade until then. We both were really glad meeting each other and enjoyed visiting different massage parlors of Thailand for the next few days that we were there.

Last Thursday, I wrote this escort parody song based on Ace of Base’s Happy Nation:-

“Topmost escorts,
Hiring the topmost escorts,
Where the stunning beauty,
Arrives to your hotel room right on time,
And opens the zip of your pants,
A situation leading to sweet salvation.
For the men and the women,
For manhood,
We are having sexy time,
Big Dicks by big men that long last,
And over time we have learned from the past,
That no man alone is enough for his woman,
A man will survive for the next 24 hours.
We are having fun with the escorts,
It does cost a lot,
Tell them we don’t remember how many we hired till date,
It is never too late,
You can have some fun,
Don’t become a Catholic nun or marry one,
Topmost escorts will come to you,
And they will strip for you.”

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