Fuck an enlightened Thai woman tonight to achieve that state of Nirvana

I personally know an old man who is 80 plus now. He says that he is glad that taking a wank is not considered something bashful anymore. He is never tired of repeating that back in the day, when he used to be young, it was considered something to be extremely ashamed of. He says that every young man used to take regular wanks back then looking at the magazines but nobody talked about it. This old man loves to watch Thai porn clips that are secretly taken.

I have a huge crush on the American politician of Indian origins – Nikki Haley and I really wish that I can get to masturbate 2gether with her before I die. It wouldn’t matter to me if she will be of the Sally D’Angelo age then, all that I want to do is get inside the pussy of Nikki Haley before the day I die.

I am shocked that some people are really gullible enough to believe that the two greatest boxing champions ever – Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson used to refrain from any sort of sexual activity during the peak of their careers, which let me tell you, is one hell of a lie. They used to regularly get their dicks sucked during those times as well.

I really believe that having sex with an enlightened female can turn the male into an enlightened being as well and it doesn’t really matter whether you have a perpetual session or one with the ejaculation, it is going to turn you into an enlightened being once it is over. I came to this conclusion after one of my cousins achieved enlightenment after having sex with one of the Neo-Sannyasins at the OSHO Ashram in Pune, India. I am also thinking about joining one such ashram but I am not sure whether they allow watching Thai porn there or not.

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