Oregon Man Claims To Have Talked To Over 6000 Girls On Whatsapp Since His Wife Went Vegan

David Teague from Eugene, Oregon, whose wife hasn’t been showing any interest in sex since she turned vegan and he does nothing in the night but enjoys free 18+ adult whatsapp group and jerks off till he falls asleep.

David lived in different parts of the USA at different points of time. He says the Hispanic chicks of Miami are nowhere as nasty as their counterparts in Latin America.

David has a blog which is full of NSFW stuff. He received the largest number of comments on a post where he mentioned “It’s okay if you want to liberate your pussies, but you ought to respect my right to sniff, eat and get inside those.”

David claims the Sephardic Jewish chicks are far more nasty than their Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Bene Israel or Mizrahi counterparts, both inside and outside Israel.

David lived in the country called Chad for 3 years straight. He didn’t see a single male chad there but fucked a lot of hot hookers during his time there.

David claims eating dairy products combined with sugary things kill your libido in the long run.

David recently enjoyed a trip to the Amsterdam Red Light District. He says it was amazing to see that the men belonging to the third-world and second-world countries were spending money like there was no tomorrow but the ones belonging to the first world were all acting so scrooge.

David believes arrogant and sarcastic women in the public are the same in the bedroom.

One of David’s friends got his dick cut the Aboriginal style to pleasure his wife better but failed. She enjoyed it more before.

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