Evolution is the reason why MILFs are getting better at everything including their BJ skills

Bobby Boyle from California believes every real man enjoys smelling pussy more than the greatest perfumes ever.

Bobby’s wife likes pencil dicks but he has a huge one. She only lets him fuck once a month but gives blowjib to him twice a day like those interracial porn artists. Rest of the day Bobby fingers her for at least 30 minutes a day, it is mostly until she squirts a whole load on him.

Bobby has a lesbian sister. Looking at the sexual behaviour of his lesbian sister, Bobby has come to the conclusion that the lesbians are most horny during the month of October and looking at the sexual behaviour of his wife and girlfriends, he concludes that the straight women are most horny during the month of August.

Bobby had a big booty dyslexic girl as a girlfriend. He says that she made him believe nobody fucks like a big booty dyslexic girl.
One of Bobby’s sister-in-laws is in an open relationship with twin brothers. They play hide and seek every night (Bobby’s sister-in-law and her twin boyfriends), whichever brother finds her before, gets to have her for the night.

Bobby believes that if one were to believe in evolution, then the human dicks and pussies were never as sensitive as they are nowadays.

Bobby writes on his blog that the government which wants to impose monogamy on the human beings forcefully has been hiding the fact that the changing of sexual partners as often as possible increases the formation of positive hormones in the human bodies while using the same sexual partner all your life (which happens very rarely) does the opposite. He adds that it is a known fact that during cavemen times, both men and women were much stronger physically and had much better immune systems compared to the modern human beings.

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