Skinny Korean Women Taking Off Their Specs And Bras For The Pleasure Of Your Dick

Raheem Siddique from Livermore, California, converted to Judaism for its liberal sexual views first but then found out later that he wanted more than one wife, so he decided to convert to Islam. He claims that the concept of 4 marriages is the primary reason why Islam has been growing so fast ever since its inception.

Raheem had to learn to practice sex without ejaculation from Mantak Chia personally because all 4 of his wives are allergic to the semen and he finds it way easier to be able to have an active sex life without feeling drained using this non-ejaculatory sex method also known as Sexual Kung-Fu as is often seen in koreanpornmovie Flicks.

Raheem claims chronic diarrhea and its medications for 2 years gave him an erectile dysfunction in his late 20s.

Raheem used to have a Kashmiri Hindu MILF fuck-friend who had a great pair of natural tits and a beautiful face. She wouldn’t take off her glasses and bra while fucking. She had some sort of phobia for sure.

Raheem once had a wet dream where he was snapping with a girl and out of nowhere she sends him a video of her pulling down her top, revealing her boobs. But then she pulls the top even further down and reveals a second pair of boobs. This woman had 4 boobs. In the dream he came immediately without even touching himself and he started rethinking his life choices like has he taken NoFap too far? Does he have to start masturbating again to not cum in 01. seconds when he has sex with a girl for the first time. Turns out it was a wet dream so he was good. His best friend had a similar dream the very same night.

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