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Hungarian Women Are Great Cocksuckers, Check Out A Nude Hungarian Cam Model If You Don’t Believe Me

05/16/2022 11:49

“Passive women are better in bed and stay wet for longer”, a very good friend of mine told this to me and since then I have been dating none other than passive women only to discover that the friend of mine was exactly on point regarding this fact. I once tore the pussy of this unbelievably passive woman from South Korea, but she acted and behaved like nothing happen. She kept kissing me all the time throughout that sex session and even when after knowing that she is hurt, I put it inside the second time. She bled more blood than the amount of oil that America is going to steal from Iran.

It is really a false notion that the millennials don’t have as much sex as their peers. All those spreading such notions have low sex drives and similar is the case with their friends and the family, and they falsely believe that the similar is the case with others, which is far from the truth. I have never seen so much fucking going between the spouses, strangers, fuckbuddies, live-in couples and not to mention family members as well. Nobody is going to tell you that they fuck one or more of their family member(s), but if you want to experience this reality, watch amateur Hungarian nude cams online. Most amateur Hungarian sex videos lately have been those of the family members fucking each other, with aunt and nephew videos topping the numbers.

I have never had sex with a Hungarian woman ever in my life but I have had enough of it with the Slovenians. There used to be this Slovenian boss of mine in the company that I work at, I used to fuck his tranny daughter all the time and he never got a clue about it. I miss that tranny, she used to be a marvelous cocksucker. She must be busy sucking a cock while I write this post.


He Meets Random Sexy Cam Models In The Flesh And Inserts His Tied Long Beard Inside Their Dirty Holes

05/14/2022 4:13

Hannah Bowman says that sex with a BBC without a condom gives her tremors each time, especially in the missionary position. She adds that sex with a condom doesn’t do it for her, no matter what position, no matter how big the dick is.
Hannah believes that 30-35 is the peak age of sexual peak for both men and women.

Hannah met her husband at a school where they both went to learn programming. She says that the school sucked and after the school would be over, the fellow female students would suck the dicks of their fellow male students.
Hannah’s husband – Matt, has a long beard, she ties it and take it in both her dirty holes. He gets to watch japanska 動画 on a regular and she can’t care less.

Hannah and Matt, both enjoy dirty talk more than the sex itself; Her biggest idol is Mindi Mink and his is Lance Hart.
Hannah and Matt regularly participate in secret annual sex competitions.

Matt says that meeting these random women has made him conclude that his wife Hannah is the most dynamic woman in the bed and nobody can replace her for him.

Both Matt and Hannah claim to have learnt more during these group orgies than watching porn movies for decades.
Hannah believes that playing flute was the secret behind Indian God – Krishna’s unbeatable sexual prowess. The man had thousands of wives and made to all of them regularly, which seems not possible for even a man who suffers with chronic priapism. She made her husband, Matt, to learn to play the flute to have the same sexual prowess.


Live Sex Cam Models are willing to provide me their Fresh Milk for an upcoming project of mine

05/2/2022 23:53

I am really amazed that there is no Gharial dildo available in the market yet. That Gharial mouth really makes straight women and gay men wet; The first thing that they think after seeing a Gharial mouth is if they only could take it up in their pussy or asshole. I believe that I am going to be the first one to launch such a sex toy. Stay ready and identify my sex toys company when I do that, I like to keep it a secret here, because I didn’t create this blog for any sort of endorsement or promotion for my company but rather to make your sex lives better, irrespective of the fact whether you are a straight male or a female or someone belonging to the LGBT community.

After having sold sex toys for years now, I have come to the conclusion that in no part of the world, do the sex dolls sell as much as they ought to, especially the tattooed ones. I am amazed that most of the sex doll buyers aren’t even aware of the fact that there are tattooed sex dolls available everywhere online to buy and that too in plenty.

The sex toy makers have accomplished a lot but they still haven’t been able to change the mindset of the sex toy prospects as they should have and that includes myself and my company.

One of my future business plans is to sell real human woman’s packed milk all across the globe. This milk can be used for nutritious purposes for the adults and babies and straight men, bisexual and lesbian women would be able to use this milk for their fetishes as well. This milk is also for the ones who love the taste of a human woman’s milk. I have already agreed a couple of busty lesbians that I met on world of sex cam to provide me the milk regularly for this upcoming project of mine.


Once a misanthrope antinatalist, Yat Bidaya now loves his once escort wife and baby more than anything than you can imagine

04/30/2022 14:09

Yat Bidaya drinks 20 cups of water a day. He says that it keeps him fit like nothing else except his wife – Supaksom’s smile. Yat will do anything to make his once Istanbul escort wife happy, be it buying canvas or cotton bags at 2 AM in the night or baking cookies for her at 4 AM in the morning.

Before his marriage, Yat used to be filled with negative emotions; Yat used to be a misanthrope and antinatalist. He used to live on the top of barren mountain in a villa because he hated living among other human beings. He had to commute a couple of kilometers everyday for his daily needs but it was perfectly okay for him as long as he was living away from the other human beings.

Yat met Supaksom at the wedding of his cousin. Supaksom was the bridesmaid at the wedding and Yat was the best man. The bridesmaid and the best man fell in love on sight. They met a couple of times again accidentally, Supaksom once gave Yat her number with a lame excuse and Yat – who used to believe that he will never date anyone, ran like a dog after Supaksom and went on 7-8 dates with her before finally asking her to marry him. Supaksom was herself waiting for this moment.

Yat, who was not-so-long-ago an antinatalist, now believes that a baby is the greatest gift of god to the parents. He is now even planning to have a second baby as well and to engage more with kids, he wants to start an online business targeted at babies exclusively.


Not Fapping Turned Indonesian Man Into A Sexual Beast Who Can’t Get Enough Of Fucking Realistic Sex Dolls

04/15/2022 22:16

Andy Nosar from Banjarmasin, Indonesia, is a Sex Blogger, who believes the Punjabi slang ‘Fooda’ for the vagina has its origins in the Iranian dish ‘Falooda’. He thinks it most likely has to do with their similar sweet taste.

Andy is a 5’5″ tall man with a 11 inch long dick. He uses his dick to slap around his wife whenever she commits a mistake. She calls it his third leg. She is 4’11. It is nothing less than a miracle how she is able to take it all in inside her tiny peehole.

Andy says that he never liked non-blondes in the porn before, but after he started partaking in the NoFap competition, he started loving those Thai girls too and ended his challenge by fucking some Thai realistic sex dolls.

Andy once used to travel the world and as per his experience he writes “Sunni Arab Muslim women may look better but it is the Shia Iranians who are the most fun in bed.”

Andy writes Maltese women are too underrated. He says Malta has literally produced some of the best looking women in the past and they are not limited to the beauty contests. He says when it comes to the pornstars, they gave the world – Magdalene St Michaels, who is still active as a GILF, in Hollywood, they gave the world stunners like Miriam Gauci; The Maltese contribution to the world of glamour and sensuality is endless. he adds.

Andy thinks the British Pornstar Josephine James and her stepson eating the same banana is perhaps the most underrated scene in the porn industry in a while.

Andy is a self-proclaimed ‘King of Sexual Hormones’. He claims eating honey increases estrogen in women but has no effect in the hormonal levels of men.

Andy claims to have been working on creating a condom that will help men with soft erections stay erect throughout a long sex session.


Skinny Korean Women Taking Off Their Specs And Bras For The Pleasure Of Your Dick

04/1/2022 10:02

Raheem Siddique from Livermore, California, converted to Judaism for its liberal sexual views first but then found out later that he wanted more than one wife, so he decided to convert to Islam. He claims that the concept of 4 marriages is the primary reason why Islam has been growing so fast ever since its inception.

Raheem had to learn to practice sex without ejaculation from Mantak Chia personally because all 4 of his wives are allergic to the semen and he finds it way easier to be able to have an active sex life without feeling drained using this non-ejaculatory sex method also known as Sexual Kung-Fu as is often seen in koreanpornmovie Flicks.

Raheem claims chronic diarrhea and its medications for 2 years gave him an erectile dysfunction in his late 20s.

Raheem used to have a Kashmiri Hindu MILF fuck-friend who had a great pair of natural tits and a beautiful face. She wouldn’t take off her glasses and bra while fucking. She had some sort of phobia for sure.

Raheem once had a wet dream where he was snapping with a girl and out of nowhere she sends him a video of her pulling down her top, revealing her boobs. But then she pulls the top even further down and reveals a second pair of boobs. This woman had 4 boobs. In the dream he came immediately without even touching himself and he started rethinking his life choices like has he taken NoFap too far? Does he have to start masturbating again to not cum in 01. seconds when he has sex with a girl for the first time. Turns out it was a wet dream so he was good. His best friend had a similar dream the very same night.


Naked Ass Twerking is the reason why we don’t live in an Ice Age anymore

03/25/2022 9:44

Jazmin Offarrel is an author who mostly write 18+ books and blogs. She believes the Middle-East used to be the most developed and civilised region during the Ice Age as it wasn’t as cold as the rest of the world and people felt on ease to work and develop things there. She also believes that it used to be the most densely populated region back in the day.

Jazmin Offarrel has been talking dirty to her husband’s boss almost every night lately and in return, her husband got a promotion at the job. She also sent her husband’s boss some naked ass twerking videos of herself which she once performed for a free nudes website.

Jazmin is the one who started YouTube’s first English language sex podcast when YouTube wasn’t even a household name and the rules regarding sexuality there were very strict as well. She shut her channel down only after a couple of weeks because she scared that her voice could be recognised by some near and dear one and she didn’t want that to happen at any cost.

Jazmin’s husband – Rodrigo, lost his virginity to his BBW Indian teacher and he is so proud of this fact that he goes on telling this to almost every adult he meets.

Rodrigo regularly hires strippers in the presence of Jazmin. He mostly hires MILFs and GILFs as he has a fetish for them. He says that he loves it when a 40+ year old voluptuous woman strips in the flesh for him and his wife watches them both like a cuck.

Jazmin claims to have ghostwritten several books on the subject of sex including some of the most popular ones.

Jazmin believes that happy sex life is the foremost reason behind every happy and prosperous society and she says that she mentioned this on at least half the books that she ever wrote apart from her sex blog.

Jazmin loves being slapped while having sex including when giving a Blowjob.


Evolution is the reason why MILFs are getting better at everything including their BJ skills

03/6/2022 8:27

Bobby Boyle from California believes every real man enjoys smelling pussy more than the greatest perfumes ever.

Bobby’s wife likes pencil dicks but he has a huge one. She only lets him fuck once a month but gives blowjib to him twice a day like those interracial porn artists. Rest of the day Bobby fingers her for at least 30 minutes a day, it is mostly until she squirts a whole load on him.

Bobby has a lesbian sister. Looking at the sexual behaviour of his lesbian sister, Bobby has come to the conclusion that the lesbians are most horny during the month of October and looking at the sexual behaviour of his wife and girlfriends, he concludes that the straight women are most horny during the month of August.

Bobby had a big booty dyslexic girl as a girlfriend. He says that she made him believe nobody fucks like a big booty dyslexic girl.
One of Bobby’s sister-in-laws is in an open relationship with twin brothers. They play hide and seek every night (Bobby’s sister-in-law and her twin boyfriends), whichever brother finds her before, gets to have her for the night.

Bobby believes that if one were to believe in evolution, then the human dicks and pussies were never as sensitive as they are nowadays.

Bobby writes on his blog that the government which wants to impose monogamy on the human beings forcefully has been hiding the fact that the changing of sexual partners as often as possible increases the formation of positive hormones in the human bodies while using the same sexual partner all your life (which happens very rarely) does the opposite. He adds that it is a known fact that during cavemen times, both men and women were much stronger physically and had much better immune systems compared to the modern human beings.


Gigolo Stopped Watching Porn Since The Day He Discovered Those Polish Strippers

03/6/2022 7:04

I have a Bengali-Indian gigolo friend who used to be a porn addict before choosing the profession of a gigolo. In other words, he chose the profession to replace his porn addiction with sex for money. He doesn’t watch porn anymore but he still jacks off to Ogłoszenia Roksa Striptiz.

This gigolo friend of mine always tells me that the GILFs and MILFs hire a gigolo just for some banter.

He also claims to have had sex with a female travel journalist in the past in exchange for some secret information.

He loves to write poems and songs about his sex life and women. Here is one of the poems that he wrote when he was struggling with the porn addiction:-

Easy is to make fun of other men’s ED and small dicks,
Painful is to learn that the same is your case.
Easy is to say that your going to go on NoFap,
Difficult it is to commit yourself.”
Here is a poem that he wrote to compliment the boobs:-
“Boobs give us fresh milk,
To make fun of them is not fair.
Under the boobs we rest,
And therefore we should give them the best.
Persecuting boobs we should spare,
But give them love and care.
They say enjoy us please,
So we should encourage women to grow bigger tits.

He claims that once a regular client of his, who is also fond of creating rhyming text, wrote a poem dedicated to dicks, which read as follow:-

Penis! Penis! Grow for me,
Become a stick from a matchstick.
Penis! Penis! You are magic,
You make me happy when I am pink,
Give me your seed that I need.


Oregon Man Claims To Have Talked To Over 6000 Girls On Whatsapp Since His Wife Went Vegan

03/3/2022 13:41

David Teague from Eugene, Oregon, whose wife hasn’t been showing any interest in sex since she turned vegan and he does nothing in the night but enjoys free 18+ adult whatsapp group and jerks off till he falls asleep.

David lived in different parts of the USA at different points of time. He says the Hispanic chicks of Miami are nowhere as nasty as their counterparts in Latin America.

David has a blog which is full of NSFW stuff. He received the largest number of comments on a post where he mentioned “It’s okay if you want to liberate your pussies, but you ought to respect my right to sniff, eat and get inside those.”

David claims the Sephardic Jewish chicks are far more nasty than their Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Bene Israel or Mizrahi counterparts, both inside and outside Israel.

David lived in the country called Chad for 3 years straight. He didn’t see a single male chad there but fucked a lot of hot hookers during his time there.

David claims eating dairy products combined with sugary things kill your libido in the long run.

David recently enjoyed a trip to the Amsterdam Red Light District. He says it was amazing to see that the men belonging to the third-world and second-world countries were spending money like there was no tomorrow but the ones belonging to the first world were all acting so scrooge.

David believes arrogant and sarcastic women in the public are the same in the bedroom.

One of David’s friends got his dick cut the Aboriginal style to pleasure his wife better but failed. She enjoyed it more before.


Cielesna Played A Major Role In Stopping Spam Erotic Advertisements And Making The Business Classier Than Ever Before

02/17/2022 14:31

We are glad to learn that there is no Polish escort agency left anymore that sends spam emails to random people to avail their services.

We are also glad about the fact that the escort services failed to spam the people of this nation through Whatsapp, thanks to Whatsapp’s super-smart rules against spam messages.

The only technology that the Polish escort service spammers have been able to manipulate easily for long is the SMS technology.

We are certain that you received a SMS from some so-called high-class female escort agency claiming to be the best, this and that, some time in the past year. Fortunately enough, the Polish men are now smart enough to realize that it is the best practice to delete a spam message as soon as it appears on your mobile phone’s screen.

In today’s stressful world, no elite gentleman from a major city can do without an array of high class female escort models. With skyrocketing wife’s tantrums and her ever-increasing demands and arguments, making sure that you have someone who would fulfill your each and every fantasy for a meager amount of money is something that has been keeping many gentlemen sane and alive.

Luckily, with new technology breakthrough in the information world, it’s never been easier to find and enjoy willing women any time, all the time through erotic ads (anonse erotyczne). was once family owned and operated but not so anymore since the early 2008, but they are proud to mention that our management and the quality of Polish escort ladies that they provide has only gone up, always, no matter who managed it and when.

Don’t let the boredom get to you, call us today to enjoy the best that the cities of Poland have to offer.

Warsaw is the most favorite city of many regular national and international tourists and one of the foremost factors that make it such is our stunning female escort models.


Texas Man Loves His Radar Directors As Much As He Does Solazola

02/12/2022 15:28

Rae is a 26 year old young and energetic man. Rae doesn’t like to drive his car like parasites on the highway. Rae is a single man who drives his black Porsche Cayman like a rocket. Rae lives in Texas and every time he reaches his destination, he thanks God and the best radar detector for money he bought. Just like his radar detectors, Rae loves his women to be the best, especially when he is out of his hometown, like he was in Goa recently and he hired the best most expensive escort there who looked just like the internet sensation – Solazola.

Things weren’t like this always, there were times when Rae would drive like a sloth and always follow the speed rules. When Rae finally got rich after a 5 year of constant struggle, he bought himself a Porsche Cayman. He couldn’t enjoy his Porsche Cayman fully due to the speed rules everywhere in Texas. He then one day stumbled upon a thing called radar detector on the Reddit.

Rae first couldn’t believe his eyes that such a thing could exist. “He was amazed” wouldn’t be the right term to describe his feeling at the time. Rae was first scared to buy one because he feared that it might be a trap by the feds. Next day when he was driving his Porsche Cayman at dead slow speed, he said to himself “enough is enough, I am going to buy the best radar detector that is available in the market today.” Rae didn’t wait for a minute and started looking for the best radar detectors online. He bought one through the Amazon, and it arrived to him the very next day. Since then, Rae is happier than ever before with his life and he doesn’t mind living in Texas anymore. He is enjoying his life to the fullest with his black Porsche Cayman and the radar detector.


This Busty Goa Escort Rides Men for Money on Even Days and Codes on Odd Days

01/14/2022 0:44

I recently met this Goa outcall escort who happens to be one of the most busty escorts that you would ever meet. She only provides her paid companionship on the even days and spends the odd days pursuing her other hobbies, meditating, exercising and coding for a shopping website that she is in the process of building.

She is the daughter of a tile manufacturer from the Indian State of Rajasthan.

She told me that she used to work as an independent escort before she started working for an escort agency. She particularly learnt internet marketing to promote her website, it didn’t work and since then she has been working for a reputed and popular Goan escort agency.

I always hire an escort girl whenever I am having troubles with my girlfriend. Most of the times it is so much fun being with an escort girl that I wish my girlfriend never makes up with me.

I don’t have Peyrone’s disease but I have curved dick, those chics like to call it ‘Noah’s Ark’.

Once when I was in Goa, I needed some beauty with the body of the British Pornstar – Josephine James and the agency didn’t disappoint me at all. She wore a gold chain with a huge locket on it. It was literally a great sight seeing her gold locket touching her sensitive huge nipples while she was riding me cowgirl.

Most of the Goan female busty escorts belong to the upper Hindu castes and the Muslim ones have mostly Turkish, Pashto or Arabic background.

It is my personal experience that out of all Indian pussies, Bengali pussies smell and taste the best. Also, it is a lot more fun to suck those Bengali nipples.


Most popular Trans models working at Delhi’s Nuru Massage Parlours

12/17/2021 6:52

The GDP per capita of India is only US Dollar 1709 per capita per year, but would you believe me if I tell you that NuFace products that NuFace Facial Toning Device is being sold there by the resellers for as much as US $500 and ladies are buying it like crazy.

If you are well-versed with countries like India, it should come as no surprise to you that there is a great inequality there when it comes to the income of the people. The elite of that country makes bank there and includes some of the richest people on earth like Mukesh Ambani while the poor is among the poorest of all. The riches of them have established Russian models providing them Nuru Massage Delhi Services where they serve you as good as those trannies do in shemale porn video, while the poor doesn’t have the money to buy a condom.

It would come to you as no surprise if the rich women of countries like India buy NuFace Facial Toning Device but the middle class women too are spending all their savings on this one product. Can you imagine the power of word of mouth? You don’t need another sales tactic if your product is good enough in itself. The people will appreciate and compliment it everywhere and tell others about it just like in the case of NuFace Facial Toning Device.

World has become a global village, some even go as far as calling it a global street, and on this global street, if you manufacture and sell a wonderful product in the UK, the word will soon be all over the USA about it in a matter of months. If you sell a wonderful product in China, the world will be all over the Asia within a matter of months as well.

Business people and industrialists were so anxious and nervous about how things are going to work when the world becomes a global village and to their surprise they are finding that they are better than ever, especially if your product is much better than your competitors’.


Young Webcam Models Are As Hard-Working As Their 50+ Counterparts

12/14/2021 8:13

Shortly after finding that their Air Conditioner is not working, Romeo and Juliet called on Aircon Servicing. Aircon servicing companies are everywhere in plenty but how to find a reliable one. There are several books written explaining how to repair yourself, but they are all useless. Nobody unless an electrician can repair his/her Air Conditioner himself or herself with a book’s help.

You can’t even repair an Air Conditioner if you are a psychologist or a face reader and the A/C repair guy is standing in front of you thinking about what is needed to be done in order to repair the A/C. An Air Conditioner has become so important in the modern day that you don’t care about the huge electricity bill that it generates, you just go on availing its cool air.

Even in the third-world countries today, if a residential building has 50 apartments, out of 50, at least 40 would have at least one Air Conditioner in their home, and I am not talking about a portable A/C or something like that, but a proper split or a window A/C.

I enjoyed the services of a South Goa escort service agency in 2018 and I was surprised to see that they had a 2 ton Air Conditioner in each of the rooms in the bungalow. The escort was also one of the top young webcams model.

In the Europe, they don’t need an A/C, please mark the word “don’t need” an Air Conditioner to cope up with the heat, they can easily do without an Air Conditioner but still each house has an A/C in each room, and then they say that global recession is taking over. What kind of a recession is it, would someone explain to me?


Top Cam Models are some of the Best-Looking People on Earth

12/14/2021 8:07

I personally believe that the adult industry should all become legal in every part of the world, but the governments must turn every adult business into Not-For-Profit Organizations (NGOs) and then only will we be able to see passionate people working for this industry. Well, that’s just my personal belief.

Young men nowadays prefer fucking their VR porn synced fleshlights over real pussies, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good, because they don’t have to go through the tantrums of a real woman and heartbreaks that comes with it. Bad, because I believe that a woman’s milk, especially that of a MILF, is more nutritious for an adult male than it is for an infant. Bad, because they can’t kiss their fleshlights on the lips while the fucking is going on just like they can do with a real woman. Bad, because their fleshlight cannot wear a sexy lingerie to seduce them first. Bad, because their fleshlights cannot strip or do ass-grinding for them, neither can it twerk for them. Bad, because a fleshlight cannot talk to you in a sexy whispering voice with her arms wrapped around you, after you are done banging her little pink hole. Bad, because a fleshlight cannot pop out a baby for you. Bad, because a fleshlight cannot call you “Daddy” or “Papi” of herself or that of her kids. Bad, because Jehovah didn’t command you to fuck fleshlights but rather real pink pussies. Bad, because you cannot suck a fleshlight’s boobs while you are fucking it in the missionary position. Bad, because it doesn’t smell like a real pussy, but rather your own semen.

I believe that those who don’t believe in free sex are a total disgrace. Just look at the glowing faces of the Cam Models on LiveJasmin or on Alternatives to LiveJasmin and then look at the pale and ugly faces of the monks and nuns, and you will know what I am talking about. Learn what are cam girls here if you don’t already know.


MILFs, GILFs And Teens Leaving Their Jobs To Become Full-Time VR Cam Models

12/13/2021 23:10

Two of my most favorite MILF Porn Stars ever are Ms Paris Rose and Sylvia aka Mandi aka Trailer Trash. I believe that both are some of the most underrated 50+ Porn Stars and they deserve more regard than 99.9% of the MILF or GILF Porn Stars or even VR Cam Girls.

Both Ms Paris Rose and Sylvia used to be stunners before they both ruined their looks with illegal drug usage. They both have become far more sexual since then. If one wants to see how great Sylvia aka Mandi aka Trailer Trash and what some porn freaks taunt her the name with – Metheny, looked back in her younger years, just watch her ‘Liquor Clit’ by Reality Kings or ‘Homeless Girls Have More Fun’ by BangBus. I really want to see both Ms Paris Rose and Sylvia enjoy the current hot male Porn Star – JMac’s dick in a threesome porn video.

My current favorite younger female Porn Stars are Lena Paul, Blair Williams and Violet Myers, all naturally busty chicks. I prefer those assets big and natural, be they on a MILF, GILF or a teenager. I really wish that the three chicks that I just mentioned don’t get ruined by drug addiction ever, even though I doubt that Lena Paul and Blair Williams take those occasionally.

I love Middle-Eastern chicks as well. If one wants to see how big of freaks the Middle-Eastern chicks are (including the Persian ones), just watch some of their amateur videos on any porn website. These Middle-Eastern chicks can give their Hispanic or Black girls a run for their money, when it comes to the freakishness. If you want to enjoy their freakishness live, just log in to the Chaturbate or hire a Middle-Eastern escort, if there is any in the city/town/village that you live in.


Can you imagine a happy nation where there is not much sexual activity going on all the time?

12/13/2021 21:47

One of the dudes that I hated back in the school but he is a good friend of mine now, started a battery wholesale business which is mainly dependent upon eBay and Amazon for most of the sales. This friend of mine tells me that the previous business which he was involved in involved a lot of dealings with the beautiful sexy webcam video women personally but generated very little profits. He says that he really misses meeting women like he did before and that’s the reason why his usage of XXX Video and Escorts has been on a rise ever since. He also got divorced last year. You would be surprised to know that I met him about 8 months ago at a Bangkok massage parlor which was a total co-incidence. I didn’t see him for over a decade until then. We both were really glad meeting each other and enjoyed visiting different massage parlors of Thailand for the next few days that we were there.

Last Thursday, I wrote this escort parody song based on Ace of Base’s Happy Nation:-

“Topmost escorts,
Hiring the topmost escorts,
Where the stunning beauty,
Arrives to your hotel room right on time,
And opens the zip of your pants,
A situation leading to sweet salvation.
For the men and the women,
For manhood,
We are having sexy time,
Big Dicks by big men that long last,
And over time we have learned from the past,
That no man alone is enough for his woman,
A man will survive for the next 24 hours.
We are having fun with the escorts,
It does cost a lot,
Tell them we don’t remember how many we hired till date,
It is never too late,
You can have some fun,
Don’t become a Catholic nun or marry one,
Topmost escorts will come to you,
And they will strip for you.”


Jerk Off To Reddit Cam Girls And Feel Like You Are Fucking A Top-Notch Female Celebrity

12/13/2021 20:43

I wonder all the time that what would it be like if all the men were born with a blue dick, just like most western girls’ pussy turn pink as they reach the adulthood. Would the women like it more or despise it?

It is a pity that the god made the women so colorful and the men not so much. The color of our penis almost remains the same as we reach the adulthood, but women’s clit becomes red, their boobs grow so much and turn into two magnificent domes, their ass – the place where they poop out all their ingested junk from, becomes so stunning that the men are willing to die just to touch those once. It is an unfair world. I wish all the time that if I were born a woman, I would fuck different men all the time. Moreover, us men can’t last more than 30-40 minutes on an average, while the women just need a lubricant and have sex all their adult lives.

I learnt the art of tantric sex in the financial year 2012 and as an ex-eBay stealth account creator and seller, I concluded that tantric sex is like the eBay steal accounts, you get the hold of it after several trials and errors. Also, if you find a guru, just like in the case of eBay stealth accounts, you are likely to do it a lot better.

I have always known some celebrities in my lifetime and when I used to be an eBay seller, I would sell their autographed stuff and make over US $20000 with this tactic per month. I had one account dedicated to this activity only.

Each of the female celebrities that I ever met, I became infatuated with her, due to her class, beauty, style, elegance, charisma. But I couldn’t fuck a single one of those. Thanks to the technology, nowadays, I jerk-off to those Reddit Cam Girls all the time and it really feels like that I am fucking those celebrity chicks for real.


Army Officer’s Pregnant wife got an offer to work for British Porn Videos and the officer who also happens to be my good friend is proud of it

12/13/2021 19:09

I have a friend who is in the army, his wife does stripping and sometimes also offers escort services and pregnant cam girls services as well. My friend knows about it all and he says that he is completely okay with it as long as she provides her sex like a maniac when he is back home, brings tens of thousands dollars per month home and they don’t have any children. She even got an offer to work in British Porn Videos, but my friend told her not to work in any porn movie because he doesn’t want his future children to know that their mother sold her body for the money. He wants his children to grow up thinking that both their parents are saintlike.

This friend of mine even once found his nephew fucking his wife. He told them to enjoy and how sorry he was to interrupt them on the spot. He even gave some advice to his nephew after they were done and told him that he can fuck his wife whenever they are both ready and willing. The nephew told him that he doesn’t like thick chicks and he would really appreciate it if his aunt (my army friend’s wife) loses some weight. The nephew asked his uncle to encourage his wife to join some gym or health club in order to lose some weight.

I have also banged the wife of this friend of mine and because I had banged my wife already several times the same day before banging her, my dick wasn’t stiff. She told me while giving a blowjob to me that she appreciates a stiffness of a cock over its length or girth.

My friend met this woman at a massage parlour for the first time where she worked as a masseuse. She was still in college back then and worked there for an extra buck. Hence, my friend is never surprised by her promiscuity ever and understands it very well that she has been addicted to sex since a very young age and hence it is impossible to live for her without getting a lot of it.


Most Naked Cam Models are smarter than an average GP, you just need to meet one to and be wary of not getting addicted

12/13/2021 12:59

In the August of this year, I met this naked cams model who told me that she wants to start an escort business of herself that will completely rely upon the donations but says that it seems impossible because of the potential abuse. Says that she is still confused because she wants to serve the people, she told me that it wouldn’t even have been possible for her to think about such a thing in any other country, but because it is Monaco, one of the richest nations on the face of the earth, she could think about such an idea.

This Monaco escort that I mentioned above was also an environmentalist who told me that she donates regularly to different environmental groups including Sierra Club Foundation and American Rivers. She told me that she has driven nothing but drives electric cars since the day she learnt how to drive. She had a degree in Computer Science as well. Along with being a stunning beauty, she was a wonderful person as well and I don’t think that anybody can deny this fact. Looking at how well she manages her time schedule and how many activities she performs within a period of 24 hours, it seemed like she was a mathematician as well.

She knew so many herbs to get rid of the ED, I asked her whether she was a pharmacist or a physician, she replied “All my cousins are physicians including 2 surgeons. I have a habit of learning things and I keep asking them one thing or another through Whatsapp and other mediums and they are always happy to tell.”


Jack off to the Muscle Girl Cam all you can and donate your semen for a good cause

12/13/2021 8:09

Comparing a stunning Rwandan chick to a stunning Ethiopian chick is like comparing Acura to the Lexus. Like an average Acura, the Rwandan chicks are more fun on the bed along with being reliable but the Ethiopian chicks are a bit better to look at, don’t fuck as freakishly but are more reliable compared to their Rwandan counterparts.

The reason why I made this comparison is the fact that I have been watching nothing but black porn lately on different black tube websites and all I think about all the time is pure black chicks freshly imported from the continent of Africa.

I have a friend who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on nothing but black female escorts and his obsession, passion and addiction for the black female escorts only seems to grow with time. He claims that he makes those chicks starve for it. Well, if he does then why do they charge him the $$$$?

I recently had a fling with a black chick who told me that uncircumcised dicks are more preferable to her than the circumcised ones.
Well, talk about the circumcision reminded me about the original land of circumcision. One Israeli friend of mine once told me that many of the Israeli female army soldiers spend a couple of years doing nothing but fucking on live sex cams owing to the sexual frustration caused by being in the army out of compulsion.

One Israeli muscle girl cam model that I was very regular with told me that she was getting divorced. When I asked her the reason, she replied “I never cared about the water supply in my marriage, all that I ever cared about is the semen supply, which a hot woman like me deserves in abundance, but I haven’t been getting any for almost a year now.”


Fuck an enlightened Thai woman tonight to achieve that state of Nirvana

12/13/2021 7:10

I personally know an old man who is 80 plus now. He says that he is glad that taking a wank is not considered something bashful anymore. He is never tired of repeating that back in the day, when he used to be young, it was considered something to be extremely ashamed of. He says that every young man used to take regular wanks back then looking at the magazines but nobody talked about it. This old man loves to watch Thai porn clips that are secretly taken.

I have a huge crush on the American politician of Indian origins – Nikki Haley and I really wish that I can get to masturbate 2gether with her before I die. It wouldn’t matter to me if she will be of the Sally D’Angelo age then, all that I want to do is get inside the pussy of Nikki Haley before the day I die.

I am shocked that some people are really gullible enough to believe that the two greatest boxing champions ever – Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson used to refrain from any sort of sexual activity during the peak of their careers, which let me tell you, is one hell of a lie. They used to regularly get their dicks sucked during those times as well.

I really believe that having sex with an enlightened female can turn the male into an enlightened being as well and it doesn’t really matter whether you have a perpetual session or one with the ejaculation, it is going to turn you into an enlightened being once it is over. I came to this conclusion after one of my cousins achieved enlightenment after having sex with one of the Neo-Sannyasins at the OSHO Ashram in Pune, India. I am also thinking about joining one such ashram but I am not sure whether they allow watching Thai porn there or not.


Fappers gonna fap, fuckers gonna go straight inside their partner’s ass

12/12/2021 10:19

The benefits of gay ass cleaning are overlooked by many, especially the straight men and women.

Some journalists are trying to tell you that there are side effects of gay douching, I am here to tell you that they are all trying to blackmail major anal douche producers.

I used to have a gay friend who used to spend more time trying to clean his ass the traditional way until I told him about the Clean Stream Anal Douche. Now he is done within seconds cleaning his dirty semen stained ass.

I am not a homosexual but I know this that it is always a good practice to tell your receiving partner about when you are cumming. They always appreciate it no matter how fast you come.

The religious people of the past used very strong barricades to keep the gays away but they themselves have disappeared now from almost all of the western world and the remaining ones themselves turn out as homosexuals most of the times.

Gay men that are married for 20+ years and don’t have much faith in their partner’s sexual capability are generally right, but there are several tools and methods available to rectify the damage done over the years and the incapable partner shouldn’t ever hesitate to use any of those, one of those is Xtragel funciona and it really works.

Okay, before I end this post, I have a funny and real story to tell you all. One man while fucking an unfamiliar granny, started measuring the electric shock that her pussy generates. He said that he wanted to compare it with that of his wife who also happened to be a part of live girls cam. He claimed that he checked that of his wife at least 8-9 times and it always comes up higher than during the previous session, which he believes is because she gets to fuck him.


People Banging Live Cam Girls That Work In The Same Office As Them

12/11/2021 9:31

Morality is a subjective thing. That’s not what science is about. What a pity it is that people make judgements without understanding the difference between the two.

Billie King

Billie King is a Sex Blogger and a Security Services Provider from Alice Springs, Australia, who once had a girlfriend from Jordan. She told him that most sexual harassment cases in the Middle East go unaccounted for due to the lack of law enforcement and tolerance to sexual abuse.

A woman never feels as horny again as she does after 6 hours of her first sex.

Billie King

Billie claims smelling the farts and sweat of the opposite gender increases the size of the frontal lobe. He claims it applies to all the genders and adults of all ages equally.

It is really funny to me how most of the people who were born in a Muslim household tend to believe that Islam is the best religion to have ever existed on the planet, those born in a Catholic household tend to think Catholicism is the best, and it is almost the same for everyone belonging to every other religion. Then they cry and are not willing to believe you when you call them a sheep. If this is not being a sheep then what is? They don’t explore their own religion, let alone that of others.

Billie King

Billie met a 45 year old Pakistani bisexual woman living in America through a live chat girl website. He had sex with her a few times, which resulted in her getting pregnant. She refused to get an abortion. They both used go to the same office. It used to be too hard for them to confront each other during the day.

Billie was so pissed at her that he even wrote a negative camsoda review on her profile after discovering she whores out herself there every night.


Wife keeps her QIWI wallet full and husband keeps Russian-Escort-Maxing

11/22/2021 8:41

Ludmila Cankov gets up everyday at 5 AM sharp. Being a female herself, Ludmila is against the feminist movement claiming that women are already extremely pampered around the world except in Islamic countries where they aren’t even allowed to become live cam nude girls. Ludmila says that women are very cunning and they know how to manipulate men and the governments. Every man that Ludmila knows is miserable due because of his girlfriend or wife, the men are all slaves to women according to Ludmila.

Ludmila’s husband Maric wears nothing but hand-stitched suits. He is a handsome richie who loves to dress sharp. He drives top-notch cars including a Porsche Cayenne, a Maserati Levante, a Volvo XC90 and a BMW X6.

Maric owns a popular restaurant on the top floor of one of the most prominent shopping malls of the Belgrade city. He noticed a stunning beauty that worked at a spa on the ground floor of the same mall and fell in love with her. Maric started following her and got to know about her better by availing massage services once a week at the same spa. She is 12 years younger to Maric and she shows a great interest in Maric because he is rich but Maric has been misunderstanding for true love.

Ludmila doesn’t have an idea about what is going on between Maric and a full-time Russian escort in Mumbai but somehow she knows for certain something wrong is going on. Anyways, Ludmila is a bitcoin trading genius and she makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per month trading bitcoins. She also uses QIWI wallet and often converts her QIWI wallet money to bitcoins using top-notch and trustworthy websites like Obmen24.


This gay friend of mine tries having fun with masseuses in Goa to check if he is compatible with the women

11/15/2021 3:48

One of my very good friends is a gay pornstar who says that he had no idea about the kind of fan following he has until he visited the green light area of Amsterdam where the gigolo decided to offer his services absolutely free to him.

This friend of mine is of the opinion that the uniform for the gay men in the US and the armies of the other nations where gays are allowed to be recruited should be something other than the regular, preferably something flowery.

He served in the military in the past, he says that it is a very hostile place for the gays, even though he made many friends there.
His boyfriend has a long, strong, wide dick, which he likes to refer as ‘The Hummer’, not only for its size and strength, but also because he believes that the production of such dicks has stopped. He believes that just like the Hummer truck, a dick like that of his boyfriend is not going to be produced again.

This friend of mine recently visited a Goa Massage Parlour in order to see if he was compatible with the Latina Webcams models. It went well, compared to his other experiences with the women, but he says that he is better off with the men.


This Latina Cam Model sucked me for 150 minutes without any break or condom

11/5/2021 2:50

This hot Latina Live Cam chick that I met through Pune Nuru Massage Service last night has a habit of sucking you till the end. I have the stamina of a genie and I can last for hours and hours at a time, sometimes I feel like I can last till the infinity. This chick kept sucking me non-stop for 2.5 hours until I finally came all over her pretty mouth. She did the job so well that I wanted to last for at least 2 hours more, I can recall each and every minute of the session, it was full of me moaning Aaaahhh all the time. The best thing that I loved about this chick is that she didn’t try to rush at all; I hired her for merely 60 minutes but she provided me a heavenly session for 150 minutes; most of the times when I book Nuru masseuses from elsewhere, they have this issue because of my stamina, I book them for 60 minutes and then last for at least 2 hours, I don’t want to brag but I give the masseuse such a heavenly experience that she doesn’t bother about the time duration herself but the massage parlour owners wonder ‘why is she taking so long’? Did she took money for another session without telling us or he also has a friend along with him or things like – ‘Is she okay’?


I fucked this big ass curvaceous chick who was dressed like Eromanga and I loved it

11/5/2021 1:48

Hey guys, I did it. I fucked a huge tit cam girl last night who was dressed as Eromanga. I never heard the name Eromanga ever before but this bitch was looking stunning and therefore I followed her like a mad dog and finally managed to sit on her lap.

This chick was hot and blue-eyed. She was dressed in pink jacket and pink trousers and underneath that pink dress were white bra and panties. After I undressed her, I saw pink nipples and pink pussy and a smooth and huge ass which I couldn’t notice when she was all dressed.

She was white like milk and I made her even whiter by spilling my cum all over her. She didn’t even take a shower afterwards. She wanted me to fuck her one more time but I couldn’t get it hard again. I needed some Red Bulls to get hard again and the nearby stores didn’t have any available. Let me tell you that I become a bull myself after having some Red Bulls.

I asked this curvy chick if she could meet me again the next Saturday dressed as Eromanga only and she gave me a sure yes. I am going to bang the same chick again on Saturday. I have already bought some condoms and although I am going to wear the condom, I am going to cum on her face only.

I believe that this time she will be all ready with her make up on for me on the door and greet me with a warm and friendly smile. I am going to ask her if she has a sister, cousin or a friend who can join us too for a nice threesome. I have been planning to ask her the same since I first met her but I am kind of scared.


I used to believe that Joclyn Stone is one of the horniest women until I met this Lady from HotGirlCam

11/5/2021 1:11

A great news for the ladies and gentlemen trying to get laid and don’t want any diseases or want to feel cheap. I know you guys have tried Tinder if you are someone who needs sex more times more than you need a glass of water but Tinder is a flop show and there are several scam artists hanging around in there and if you are lucky enough to save your ass from a scam artist, you will end up being with a 60+ granny who acted like she was 19 on the phone. No need to worry anymore, I have found the perfect porn social network where you can wank off to the pics of your neighbor’s wife or get to know whether the MILF next door to you is starving for it so that you can fuck her when her husband is out of the town for some business dealings, that’s what neighbor’s big cocks are for.

Recently, I met an ex-escort hot girl cam who was married to this rich heir. The husband was fucking her almost every night but he wasn’t able to satiate her wild desires as she had already become used to using several dicks in a day. She told me her whole story after I fucked her for 90 minutes straight. She said that using Tiny Porn Network is the best decision that she made in all of her life, she told me that during her escorting career of 7 years, nobody could satisfy her like I did.

She even told me that she loves fucking at a beach resort more than anything else. Her own house was by the sea but she said that she has got bored of having the same view everyday and night, she told me that all women according to her are polygamous and she hasn’t met a single woman in her entire life that never cheated on her spouse.

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