Mr Bindra From Mumbai Fucks His Lady Gaga Lookalike Sex Doll Every Birthday Of His

Amit Bindra from Mumbai, Maharashtra, remembers very well that it was the year 2020 and the month was September when he would listen to the track ‘Destination Unknown’ by the band Missing Persons and would fuck his realistic sex dolls while watching the lead singer of the band. The lead singer really used to remind Amit of the one and only Lady Gaga whom he used to jerk off to all the time during the years 2008 and 2009. He was drinking one specific strawberry flavoured soda these times and it would make him really horny. Amit still has no idea about what artificial sweetener this soda brand used, but whatever it was, it came with tons of side-effects, which included a very strong pressure inside both his eye balls (luckily it was not the balls in his pants), extreme horniness and sometimes dizziness as well.

Enjoying your sex life with different escorts, sugar babes, real looking sex dolls and masseuses increases your lifespan faster than the 42nd Amendment of the Indian Lok Sabha.

Amit Bindra

Amit’s birthday comes in October and he was feeling really amazing, full of vigour and enthusiasm on his birthday as he was already on day 11 of NoFap. He even responded to all the phone calls wishing him birthday with a confidence like he never felt before. Co-incidentally, when he spoke to an old friend of his on Discord, who was also struggling with NoFap about what benefits he had been experiencing, they were all the same as those felt by Amit himself. It was like Amit talking to Amit situation.

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