500 Year Old Indian Swami Regularly Enjoys Sexy Massages in Goa

Barnie Lykan from Waterbury, Connecticut, is a Sex Blogger and Logo Designer, who believes the Radha and Krishna of Hinduism represent the Yin and Yang of the Taoist philosophy.

There’s nothing funnier than the sexists of the 18th century living in their own world.

Barnie Lykan

Barnie has a friend who claims to know an Indian Swami living in the city of Mathura in India, who has been alive since 1568. Apparently, he is still as young and vigorous as he was when he was 25 and regularly avails Happy Ending Massage Services in Candolim. He attributes his immortality and eternal youth to a secret and unique peda, a popular Indian sweet that he invented by accident while meditating in the jungles of what is now called the Gujarat province of India in 1593AD. He plans to travel there and lure the immortal and eternally young swami into giving him the recipe of that secret peda by offering him numbers of the most beautiful and friendly Thai Sugar Babies. He believes the Swami can avail the Sugar Babies’ services for lifetime by giving them the recipe for the peda. That’s Barnie’s personal plan to turn himself into an immortal and eternally young being.

Barnie has been working on inventing a solution using semen and squirt which he believes would be able to cure endmyopia. He writes the idea came him after he dated a stunning beauty with the best buxom body he had ever seen, who despite of her stunning looks, would have anxiety going out of her house due to wearing glasses on her extraordinarily pretty face.

Barnie has also been working on creating digital courses teaching English language to the immigrant pornstars, escorts and sugar babies from the Non-English speaking countries.

Barnie is not ashamed to admit that he once kissed the Black Porno BBW wife of his cousin by force. She got all wet after that and invited him for a sex session but he declined the offer. After declining the offer, he got afraid thinking she might tell his cousin by distorting facts but she never did anything like that and he is grateful to her for the same.

Barnie can’t wait for them to feature a Kamala Harris lookalike in one of the Blacked videos.

Barnie writes every knowledgeable person in one or more field knows that Wikipedia is not a good source to get your knowledge from. He adds, “Wikipedia is perhaps the worst place to get your sex knowledge from.”

Barnie thinks Blonde Women and French products are equally overrated.

Barnie is unhappy that not many people are bothered about finding the cure for HIV nowadays. He tries to encourage his one and only brother who is a medical doctor to look for the same all the time, but he doesn’t seem interested either.

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