Female Entrepreneurs In Goa Turning Into Full-Time Sex Masseuses Isn’t A Myth

Geena Blackburn is a sex and porn blogger, who claims that the first thing that she took up in her still growing big teen ass was the bottle of a deodorant only to learn later that it was easier to take that bottle up in than to throw it out. She says that she feels lucky that she was smart enough to put the bottle inside from the opposite side of the bottle cap otherwise she most definitely would have sprayed all the deodorant inside and the side-effects of such a happening is even unknown to most doctors.

Geena has dated hundreds of guys till date belonging to different races, nationalities, heights, body shapes, etc. She claims that the guys who last the longest in the bed are the men that suffer with a condition called gynecomastia. She adds that they drip precum the most too.

Geena is a bisexual but she has never dated a woman, although she has had several sexual encounters with 8-9 women in the past.

Geena claims that every man and every woman in the world is bisexual but they won’t admit it. She adds that she didn’t know this fact herself until she became a part of a Thai Hentai Community (โดจิน).

Geena claims that the reason why they killed the Princess Diana of Wales is the fact that she got caught experimenting with a couple of gay guys in a sexual orgy arranged by herself.

Geena believes that the way the people think about the homosexual people is the biggest sign of their nationalities and going by Princess Diana’s story, it seems like the Royal Family of England is not rational at all.

You probably have already heard of the cooked up stories about female internet entrepreneurs turning into high class Baga Goa Massage Parlour workers and achieving great success in the field. Let me tell you something, achieving success in this field is nowhere as easy as baking a cake unlike how some mainstream media resources or fake story websites will tell you. You need hundreds of peculiar qualities if not thousands of those in order to become a popular top-notch successful masseuse in Baga, Goa, which I am certain that 99% of the top female internet entrepreneurs don’t possess.

Geena Blackburn

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