Blogger Enjoys Sexy Massages Every Full-Moon Night Right In Front Of His Wife

Myles Davidson is a sex freak and blogger, who apart from making love, also makes English sex songs. He writes, compose and sings his songs, all by himself. He recently gained popularity all across the world, mainly in the USA and Japan. Many of the Japanese listeners write in the comment section of his songs that although they don’t understand the language, but they still listen with the help of a translator.

Myles claims that drinking green tea increases libido while spearmint tea has no positive or negative effect on your libido, but he surprises everyone when he claims that drinking normal tea reduces the libido of a man.

Myles believes that we are living in the end times, the end times of sexual repression. He believes that soon enough, the world will all be sexually liberated.

Myles claims that bathing with hot water a lot back in 2013, reduced his libido a lot; To an extent that he couldn’t maintain an erection for over 2 minutes.

Myles writes on his blog that he loves his wife because she loves to drain his pipes. He writes that they both love to watch each other fucking other men or women. She once got drilled by 10 men all alone at once while Myles jerked himself off watching her getting banged by those huge dongs.

Myles’s wife dropships sex toys and other adult products at a 40% profit. Myles writes on his blog that she makes more profits than most wholesalers of the adult products in the country this way.

Myles writes on his blog that his wife always has periods during the full moon days and it has done nothing but good to Myles as he is already aware of when she is going to have one. He always books a North Goa Massage Service Provider in advance before the full moon night and enjoys her services right in front of his wife.

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