Italian Casino Lover Loves Baga Masseuses As Much As He Does Casinos

Bob Goodwin from Turin, Italy, is a full-time trader and gambler, who believes there is such a thing as stop loss hunting; the secret is to place a stop loss after the trade has gone a couple pips way above/below your buy/sell price.

Bob is 29 year old, he has been investing for over 13 years now. He trades derivatives primarily, has sold real estate and is an angel investor. He recently started a YouTube channel to share and gain experience from the other investors.

Bob writes that his doing well for over 13 years has been largely due to a mentor helping him learn. He taught marines he served with and with this COVID pandemic, he wants to try and help more folks out. His YouTube channel offers completely free content (Discussions, Education, Trade Strategy, Portfolio Strategy, etc). He doesn’t sell anything there as it doesn’t cost him anything other than his time. He writes that the purpose is to pay forward the time that his mentors spent with him.

Bob’s wife is also a trader and a gambler. She has been holding all her funds till they successfully launch a vaccine for the corona and rather using the same funds to bet on migliori carino online italiani and enjoy those Baga Massage Girls.

Bob’s most favorite quote of all times is “Team work makes the dream work.” He claims to have listened to it for the first time through a Rick Ross Rap Song – ‘Yacht Club’. Until then he wasn’t aware of the fact that someone did say this thing ever.

Bob believes that the Bitcoin will be down to US $1 per Bitcoin by 2050.

Bob believes that oil companies have a great future. He has invested 12% of his wealth on an oil company that goes by the name “Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp”.

Bob believes that the global economy will jumpstart by the end of the financial year 2020 and he is too excited about it.

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