Seeds Of Greatness Implanted By Calangute B2B Massage Female Models

Julio Brandao from Milan, Italy, is a sex blogger, who writes that if you don’t get yourself ball-drained by a different beautiful Calangute Body to Body Massage girl every night, then the seed of greatness is not within you.

Julio claims that he never masturbated in his life. He stays celibate one month and then the other month, he hires a different busty Indian Masseuse each night.

After spending nights with hundreds, if not thousands of different women, Julio has come to the conclusion that autistic girls are better at sex but it is the bipolar women who make the best girlfriends or fuckbuddies.

Julio claims to have discovered a wonder oil that made his dick big enough to make a woman scream like crazy. He claims that it used to be tiny earlier.

Julio claims to having an affair with a Mawlana’s wife back in 2013. He says that the Mawlana knew about it all very well but wouldn’t do anything about it as he suffered with an erectile dysfunction and he was scared that taking any action by him would result in his disciplines knowing about his impotence.

One of Julio’s friends – Enrique, who also happens to be a sex blogger, writes that after getting married 4 times to 4 different women, he has come to the conclusion that women in the beginning, offer sex freely with no catch but once they get you hooked, they start to demand something in return for sex. Men oblige because they are addicted. They feel the rush of the ego, of the dopamine. When it is fleeting, they will do anything for the woman to spread her legs.

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