Top Islamic Rulers Visiting Baga Massage Parlours On A Regular Is A Popular Knowledge Now

Pakistan or most of Pakistan, doesn’t really like the “Republic of Turkey”. They however always admired and had good bonds with the Ottoman Empire.

Rajan Elahi

Rajan Elahi from Malacca, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who claims to know several Moroccans personally, he is amazed to learn that they all either tend to be Shafi or Maliki.

Rajan writes his grandfather absolutely loved Khomeini and his Islamic Revolution as much as Rajan loves trusted online casino Malaysia 2021. He believes that Islam was basically dead in public life before the Iranian Revolution. He adds, “Like it or not, Khomeini is responsible for bring Islam back to the public life.” He writes that Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution is what pushed the Shi’ites to rise and take power and forced the Sunnis to rise as well.

Rajan writes looking at the strong friendship between the nation of Turkey and Pakistan, makes his belief stronger about the making of more Islamic institutions or else he thinks that the Muslim intellectual stagnation will keep progressing further and further. He adds that considering the amount of Muslims we will have in the future, prepare for more liberals and apostates.

Rajan appreciates the historical fact that the Muslims of British Raj went to support the Ottoman Empire, especially the Pashtun population.

Rajan believes all Sudanese, Somalian and Ethiopian Muslims are Hariris (Sufis), no matter what they tell you about their personal belief(s).

Rajan believes all the Islamic countries that play no role in the Geopolitics of the world should rather unify and restart the concept of Khilafat. He writes the only good these countries have been doing is their workings for the environment, one of the examples of the same is none of these countries using plastic bags anymore.

Rajan writes it would be a lot better if the Muslims cared more about the Ummah and lesser about visiting Baga Body Massage Service Parlours.

Rajan claims to know several Muslim Somalian men and women who would rather have Turkey annex their country.

Rajan believes Malaysia and Pakistan are the two most loyal countries to Islam.

Rajan writes Somalia shouldn’t even be considered a state. He writes it is all broken up. Literally four separatist movements: Jubaland, Somaliland and two others. He adds, deep down every well-read Muslim knows that Ethiopia is a Somali province.

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