NNN Failure Blames It All On Those White Mumbai Masseuses

Aym Alinda from Sathon, Thailand, full-time sells superfood online – Brazil Nuts, Chia Seeds, Almonds, Organic Walnuts, Cashews, Gojiberries and lots of other similar stuff.

Aym is also a sex blogger. He is a devout follower of TCM who writes on his blog that TCM mentions that the libido of both the sexes rise during the summers, Ancient Greeks claim that it rises in the winters, Prehistoric and Ancient Indians claimed that it stays the same for the men throughout the year but rises for the females during the rainy season.

It goes without saying that Aym follows the claim of the TCM. He regularly participates in No Nut November but jerks off multiple times a day to the Thai porn clips (คลิปโป๊) all summers.

Aym believes most masseuses and massage parlours in the major towns and provinces need to stop being so confidential. He thinks it is too boring. He came to this conclusion after visiting this one popular Sakinaka Massage Parlour.

Aym claims on his blog that the Solar Dynasty (Sooryavanshi) people of India are the descendants of the Real Nagarvadhus (Temple Prostitutes) of India. He adds that they are referred to as the Solar Dynasty not because they are the children of the sun, but because their moms’ pussies used to be as hot as the sun. He claims that the truth has never been told to the public till date but soon it will be disclosed and that will be the day when the arrogance and pride of the Sooryavanshi people will be destroyed.

Aym claims that he has always had a great game with the women and as per his observations, communication skills don’t matter as much as the women in the media or their slaves make it out to be.s

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